Friday, September 19, 2008

Shimme- Shopping

We have several events coming up in the next 4 weeks. Today, we are performing at the Mid-South Fair. Next week we perform at a Bartlett festival. The week after that is the BIG week for DWJ, becuase we have our annual hafla. This year the hafla is being planned on a grand level. We are charging people to come and watch us! So knowing Jasmine, she wants us to put up a great show. I am so proud of her for that. Her standards and expectations make all us work harder, push harder and dance better. Love her for that. She recognises the potential in all of us and pushes us to always reach the full potential.

Anyways, so for these performances I have been doing a little shopping. The yellow mesh scraf that I would use with my gypsy ensemble had started to fall to pieces. So I had been looking a good yellow mesh hip scraf. Low and Behold, I found exactly what I wanted on Ebay.
I bid and WON!!! and the scraf is now mine. The dealer I bought the scraf from is from Hongkong. His business and shipment were prompt and quick. He even sent me a post-card from HK.

So here is the scraf I bought:

Here is his store on ebay: Shanghai-Tailor

In addition I have been eye-ing the one below. I simply love lotuses and this is just right.
I just cannot decide on which colour to get, he has these in all colours I can think of. DAMN you, why do you have to be so creative and confuse me!

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