Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mid-south Fair performance thoughts

Yesterday night the J-Jewels performed at the mid-south fair. We were all ready in time and ready to go at 8 pm, however the band before us started their performance late, so went on stage at 8:30. Also, the band before us sang gospeal, GOSPEL and then we were on. We were doign dances from egypt, turkey and iran.; like Jasmine said from Terrorist
I felt completely disconnected from the audience (whichever 1 or 2 face I could see) today. During turkish delight, while doing the hip hit step, I realised that I was completely disconnected. I have not missed that step ever, and I missed it on Friday.
That is when I realised that I was disconnected. I had warmed up, talked to everyone in the dresssing room. I did have an awkward moment with Lucie, but that was it, just a moment. Everything else was going fine; just that I felt disconnected.
I think I probably need to work on something that can help me get into the dance groove before the performance. I think for that it is streching and listening to music. So for the next performance, that is what I am going to do. Stretch, listen to music and BE ON TIME.
I have not watched the video or the photos from the performance, hope to do that tonite.
More when I have some time to think about the performance.

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