Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dancer's list

I am moving a post from my older blog to this blog. This is an item-list to check before a performance. This is consolidated from experience at performances, disasters at performances :) and catastrophes during a show :-)
But all was learnt in a good spirit and the SHOW NEVER STOPPED; even if the music did :-)
So here we go:
  1. Costume -- Important to check all the components of the costume. Also make sure you iron the thing. Wrinkles donot look good on anything except jeans and crinkle tops.
  2. Cover-Up. -- Don't want to give everyone a peak at the costume :-). Always SHOCK them!!
  3. Props -- If dancing with one, check it the night before the performance. Pay attention to the condition and look if the prop has any details or decoration on it. This is crucial especially if you have been practicing with it. Props will often gather the signs of practice and rehearsals. When a jewel dances, the jewel mesmerizes the spectators with the spectacles of shimmies and mayas and never lets the imperfections of the prop distract from her glow .
  4. Safety pins - I usually keep a compartmentalized box that contains all the safety pins in different sizes. makes pins easy to find in a hurry between costume changes.
  5. Double-sided tape. A garment tape will also do as long as it can hold.
  6. Needle and thread. Keep a white, black and one thread in the costume colour.
  7. Bobby pins.
  8. U-pins.
  9. Stapler. for those times when safety pins fail.
  10. Deodorant or Solid perfume....becuz you want to look and smell HOT, despite being hot and sweaty.
  11. Tissues. Wet and dry.
  12. Make up wipes
  13. Spare elastic.
  14. Diaper pins. This is for all you shimmie-llicous babes, to keep the belt from sliding down your booty.
  15. Dental floss/ breath mints/ mouth freshener.
  16. First aid kit -- Sprain Spray, Neosporin, Band-aid
  17. Makeup -- Refer to things in the makeup kit.
  18. Nail polish -- same colour as you are wearing. In case you dance your toes off.
  19. Manicure corrector. If you have a small chip.
  20. Spare shoes or sandals. To be prepared when you might be asked to mingle with the crowd
  21. Water
  22. A snack that can give instant energy. Something sugary like apricots and almonds. Preferably, nothing spicy or greasy.

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