Friday, September 19, 2008

Mid-South Fair

I am really excited about our performance today at mid-south fair. I have so much to do before the show though. But I am still ready to get out there and perform. Looking back at the past 3 months I realise that I have not really shimmied in front of an audience since April 2008, when was the GPAC performance.
My ankle is still bothering me though especially when I am on relavet ( I hope this is the correct spelling). And everytime I turn on relavet, I am reminded that I should strech more. So, here a TODO for today's show. Strech and warm-up. I remember several classes where I have danced much better when I am warm and sweaty, it just helps connect to body to the music and bring out the movements better.
So Strech Baby, strech!!

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