Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am BACK!!

BACk after a 2 week haitus! Have been dancing too much. This is the first week when I am not dancing for a show. The next show we have is on 11/1 and I donot know if we are actually dancing then or not. Also, since 11/1 is G's b'day; I am still a little ambiguous about dancing on that day.

I have so much to share from the hafla and also from the two shows we did before and after the hafla. I also want to do some private lessons with Jasmine, specially to learn Amer and Touba; both of which I really like. Another one that comes to mind is the Falmeco number. I have to call Jasmine and see how her schedule is so that I can work with her to learn both the dances.
Other than that, things are great, dance-wise. I think I am getting into better shape and now that I am going to the gym, I am striving to be more regualr about stretching and practising the dances I know.

More at night.

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